Direct Marketing has fundamentally been placing flyers into the mailboxes of sales prospects, telling them about features and benefits of your great product. How about showing them?  

Touch, feel and taste are the most significant attributes of the purchasing decision process, we’ve found the customer likes demonstration with the presentation. The Crimson Connect program is redefining direct marketing in delivering your products to customers already in the mood for that specific ethnicity of food, culture of event and interest in that genre of product or complementing items, based on their food order.  


Crimson Carry is the Food Delivery division of the Crimson Food Services Bureau which delivers food from our Executive Chef, Food Truck and Restaurant clients to their customers. Our Crimson Connect program offers food complements in matching food items, entertainment flyers and domestic products with the ethnicity of the food being ordered.  

E.g. A new Sriracha sauce or Aloe/Lychee beverage being sampled with Chinese or Hakka Chinese food order along with flyers for the Dragon Boat or Moon Festivals or a deal on a trip to East Asia; or a New Jerk/Curried dip or tropical juice being sampled with an Indian or Caribbean order complemented with a flyer from the upcoming regional Caribbean Carnival, Indian Festival or multi-cultural event as well as a flyer for a Caribbean cook book and complementing kitchenware or cookware.     


The $250 per-week Crimson Connect Complements program matches your condiment, beverage, entertainment event, kitchenware/utensil item with the ethnicity of the food being ordered as a direct fit with the ethnicity of the food or customer, as well as the secondary option for the product to be a complementing item with a food genre or customer demographic known to have a cultural background or proven interest with that genre of food product.     


The $500 per-day Crimson Connect Promotion package provides clients with the opportunity to have our drivers wear a product branded shirt, tell all their delivery customers about the product whilst distributing samples. Delivery customers will also be provided with literature on where to purchase the product and provided with the opportunity to request the product for purchase during the present delivery or on their next delivery from Crimson Carry.       


Corporations, Organizations and Marketing Firms may also leverage Crimson Carry to promote their involvement in entertainment, food or community events. There can be no direct selling of the company’s products or services beyond mention, as Crimson Carry is a welcomed part of our customers’ relaxation and recuperation process not a reminder of their work/business life.       


Crimson Carry does an average of 180 orders each day on weekdays and 200 orders per day on weekends. This does not include our Business to Consumer (B2C) grocery orders nor our Business to Business (B2B) orders between Restaurant, Food Trucks and Caterers and their meat, vegetable, fruit and beverage suppliers.        

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