Synergizing brands through connecting objectives for the social/environmental good.

Ocean Flame Communications offers social enterprise marketing services for the social entrepreneur, non-profit organizations and corporations seeking the creation of socially beneficial campaigns to provide exposure and fundraising initiatives for causes they support whilst attaching their brand to these lucrative social ventures.

Ocean Flame will provides synergized campaigns involving the organization, creation and management of these innovative social ventures meeting the social, environmental or youth beneficial goals of the organizations involved.

Ocean Flame's synergized campaigns connect social entrepreneurs or non-profits with corporations and talent from the music, motion picture, fashion or sports arena for the common goal of raising awareness or funding for a specified social initiative. We do this through our Synergize, Organize and Publicize approach to social marketing.


We begin our process through identifying what corporations and talent share the same environmental appreciation or social values with the social entrepreneur or non-profit by assessing the corporate social responsibility goals and charity partners of various corporations.
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This primary and secondary research process which assists us in transitioning suspects into prospects allows us to align the social objectives of the screened corporations with that of our social entrepreneur or the non-profit clients. Following the selection of a corporation which is happy to participate as a financing partner in exchange for media relations and branding opportunities, we will source both a media and celebrity partner with the application of the previously mentioned primary/secondary research and screening interview methodology in order to secure the best possible fit for our clients.


Following the synergy process, we proceed to create a winning public relations campaign which will suit the profit, brand exposure, community relations and corporate social responsibility goals of the parties involved.
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Subsequent to accomplishing unanimous agreement amongst our partners concerning the benefits framework of our campaign, we will embark upon the creation of the campaign concepts, project strategy, marketing communications plan and the accompanying sponsorship package. The sponsorship package will be given to our main sponsor who will be provided a diamond package for their significant contribution to the project's infrastructure and the complementing public relations campaign. Sponsors which seek gold and silver sponsorship positioning through our media relations (publicity), advertising, public relations and event marketing initiatives will be sent a sponsorship package before making their commitment for participation in the project and the complementing marketing communications campaign.


Subsequent to the concept creation, project positioning, artwork imaging, message test-marketing and approval from the parties involved, we proceed with the execution of the campaign.
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The campaign usually entails a synchronized and uniformed approach to multi-leveled marketing, utilizing multi-media (television/radio/online/print) media relations, advertising (demographic-specific and targeted), public relations (demo-psychographic specific) and event marketing (demographic specific). We also include exposure through below-the-line marketing tactics including flier distribution (geo-demographic specific), neighborhood (door-to-door) canvassing, cold calling and community presentations should these outreach techniques be necessary to publicize the message and cause supported by the campaign.





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