OCEAN FLAME COMMUNICATIONS is a Marketing Public Relations firm offering both consultation and campaign execution services in Marketing, Public Relations and Image Management.

Built upon the skills, experience and network of seasoned communications professionals the firm takes pride in building the brand, personal profile, image and reputation of its clients through a meticulous system of market research, strategic positioning and image management. Beyond charisma and sex-appeal, the building and maintenance of true three-dimensional stardom is achieved through passion. We illustrate this perseverance with our "Three-P's of Passion" principle for public relations and image management; the three P's represent the Ocean Flame approach to Position the artist, Prepare the artist and Present the artist to their audience.


Ocean Flame Communications provides both aspiring and established singers, musicians and film-makers with an effective consultative approach to both public relations and image management which will not only assist the artists in propelling their careers, we will more importantly assist them in reaping the financial rewards of their art, image and persona.
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We do so by building the brand and fan-base of the artist through image-building photo sessions, photo opportunities, concert events or intimate showcase performances. In building publicity buzz we strategically select public relations appearances, cameos, as well as complementary publicity regarding the artist's life, lifestyle and art. This strategic marketing approach to image management is informed by the direction of contemporary music being more of a lifestyle-complementary accompaniment than an artistic message, which can supersede the lines of demography to resonate with all people, as it was in the passing era. This change in musical appeal is cited also by the lifestyle approach major record labels are taking to the marketing of music in recent times. We complement this direction by working closely with the artist's management and the record label's team of marketing managers and A&R representatives in researching the proposed target market and the artists who presently cater to that demo-psychographic; this informed approach better inspires us in beginning the image-design process by configuring the artist's appeal technique as an innovator in the market place. We also work closely with the artists themselves in creating an image, an appeal, life philosophy and career vision. Secondary to establishing the artist's style, fashion and brand profile we would like to strategically position their life's philosophy and career vision, which are their passions and social concerns and how does their art address this insight, through inspiring and assisting others through their music or public relations outreach.


We start the image creation process by liaising with the Artist's manager in crafting an image reflective and complimentary to the artist's personality, background and marketing appeal.
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The four traits essential to the selling of an artist are sex-appeal, marketability, charisma and drive/ambition; leveraging these vital personality features with the help of a willing and open-minded client make for a magical synergy in creating star-quality mass appeal.

  • Formulate Powerful Strategies
  • Execute Innovative Campaigns
  • Create Interest
  • Get Press
  • Market the client's Unique Strengths
  • Design Breakthrough PR Materials

Our quest in generating positive publicity begins with the interview process necessary for creating an intriguing Biography for the artist's Media Kit. Amedia kit is the client's most powerful marketing tool, especially important for artists who are shopping demos for a recording contract or artists who are going on tour. By creating a media kit consisting of a biography, news release, social media release, publicity photos, media alerts, fact sheet and a disc including four of your most popular songs or demo reel you have created a compelling résumé for industry tastemakers, record producers, concert promoters, commissioning editors as well as media arts journalists and bloggers. The media kit is the buzz-marketing vehicle through which you will begin to acquire the attention of the industry through leveraging our social media applications and media relations techniques in getting journalists and bloggers interested in being your advocates through image building articles and strategic positioning quotations, both critical ingredients in getting your target market interested enough to seek your medium and message.


The Ocean Flame process constructs a career platform for our clients, through appreciating their unique skills and talent in their art, we then position, prepare and present them to industry insiders and after analysing and applying the lessons from constructive professional criticism we subsequently polish and present the artist to their target audience.
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Following the presentation phase, we recommend clients continue their success with the aid of our Energy program. Ocean Flame Communications Energy (OFC Energy) is a continuing service option for clients who would like to retain our services. These retaining services entail media relations, image management, brand management and issues management and crisis management. We provide media relations services for framing, writing and pitching news items about the artist to both the trade media and general media, we also provide image management services making sure only the best images, ideals and news-bytes are presented to the public. We approach image management through being in constant communication with our client and coaching them on how to effectively handle the media and how to present themselves to the public in their dress, styling (hair, make-up and nails), gestures and gesticulation as well as how to be poised and articulate, as everything communicates!


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