Exhausted trying to manage the business of your band, independent label or solo artist; whilst trying to market and promote them all at the same time?

We would like to assist you in this marketing, public relations and brand building process with our team of passionate, creative and dedicated communicators who want to help guide your success. Our team consists of a trained and experienced entertainment marketing manager, entertainment lawyer, publicists, grant & proposal writer, music producers, film group (including editors), social media marketers, website designer and graphic designer.

We offer full-service entertainment marketing in designing, positioning and constructing your artist's brand and stardom. We present them to the public with a lucrative image and winning audience appeal based on the researched and proven geographic marketplace and demo-psychographic best suited to bringing profitability to your artist's genre approach and unique style. We engineer the growth of an artist's fan-base through the preparation and execution of a strategic marketing and public relations campaign to build their popularity with the print, radio, television and online media as well as with their fans directly through social media, grassroots promotion and event marketing.

Your dream is our ambition; this is how we help you win! Let us take your talent to the regional, provincial/state, national and global marketplace and turn promise into profit.

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