The primary commodity of any successful sales cycle is interest with the prospect. Following detailed research into the sponsorship prospect’s marketing objectives, sales goals, national/international ambitions and community relations vision we tailor our initial short-form proposal to illustrate these needs and our proposed complementary integrated marketing communications solution.
The negotiation process is one based on a both quantitative and qualitative valuation of the event’s promotional attendance, entertainment and venue assets based on market research techniques and IEG impression tools. The effective determination of what the public relations, experiential marketing and co-op advertising/publicity is worth to the sales and marketing goals or community relations objectives of the corporation/organization.
Co-branded products, advertorials and on-site activation areas; co-op advertising, sponsored radio/print segments and inclusive media relations efforts are all tools in the integrated marketing communications process. Keen objective-specific innovation, geo-demographic targeting, street team branding/coordination, media/messaging-specific integration, data-capture tactics and evaluations metrics for the venture is the Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) achievement that Ocean Flame Communications delivers for your brand partnership initiative, market/product development goals and public relations objectives.
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