OCEAN FLAME COMMUNICATIONS is a full-service Marketing Public Relations firm, offering additional services in Corporate Communications and Entertainment Management.

What this means is that we can create the map and execute the journey toward your success. Imagination has inspired your business and we would like assisting you on your path to living the dream. We do so by engineering unique and strategic market-ing plans for your small or mid-size business, in order to increase awareness of your product or service offering, increase your customer-base and stimulate repeat business. These marketing plans will be supported by public relations programs focused on getting you and your business recognition with influential industry tastemakers, journalists, and subsequently the target audience.

The Ocean Flame approach is founded in Strategic Marketing Management, a customized technique built on three principles, which are Examination, Elaboration and Execution.


We start by understanding your business; we do this through under-standing what was the inspiration for your business and what is the vision created and goals set for the company?
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This collaborative inquiry is followed by marketing research, which helps us to uncover just how the targeted market has been responding and if you have overlooked a vital segment or potential marketplace which may be lucrative to your suc­cess. Continuing internal affairs are optional in our service menu, these Ocean Flame Communications (OFC) full-service elements consist of providing clients with other white paper and organizational communication services such as:

  • Drafting Business Plans and a Prospectus for seeking investors;

  • Preparing legal business development paperwork;

  • Constructing a brand platform to define your brand's personality and corporate image; and

  • Collaborating with you in inventing a services marketing plan for defining your customer service model

Services marketing plans are imperative in the de­sign of your customer service style or model. It dic­tates how your brand-personality will be commu­nicated to your customers through your corporate mission, service-style, staff dress, service-process, product presentation, point-of-purchase materi­als (digital media, brochures, posters, fliers, receipts etc.) and service environment.


Following the Examination/Business Development realm we enter that of Elaboration, which is where we begin the process of "influencing the influencers".
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We do so through the application of the publicity and media/community relations element of our Public Relations service-offering. In line with the measurable objectives established in the business and marketing planning of phase one, we begin phase two by creating a News Kit for our clients, consisting of a corporate biography, news releases, publicity photos, media alerts and fact sheets as well as optional video news releases (B-Roll) and included product samples. These kits will be mailed by courier or sent by electronic mail to a client-specific list of journalists and industry tastemakers who's opinions are influential to the segment you intend to communicate with and ultimately do business with. While newspaper, magazine and online articles are receiving interest and stimulating mention from broadcast personalities and sparking conversation amongst bloggers, you are preparing to meet your public. The event marketing element of the Elaboration/Public Relations phase involves you directly addressing your audience through television or radio interviews, industry seminars, public speaking, trade-show booths or event-sponsorships. Directly following the optional Examination phase the Elaboration phase seeks to get the industry insiders and influencers support for your product or service, as this assists the creation of your brand footprint, vital to the construction of the corporate communications platform which will be used for the official launch of your product or service.


The final phase is that of Execution. This is the Corporate Communications phase which entails advertising planning, online applications, professional selling and sales promotions.
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Leveraging the concepts and touch-points of Integrated Marketing Communications (360° Marketing), the Corporate Communications phase will begin with the training of staff members on the organizational selling proposition (brand-spirit) which should be conveyed to customers through the company's approach to customer-service. This staff-empowering workshop will build the confidence needed for your employees to best represent the brand on a daily basis in the eyes of customers, critics and competitors. This inspired confidence will be portrayed in your public relations endeavours (trade shows, event marketing, promotions, product sampling etc.), giving credence to your print, radio and online advertising. Ocean Flame Communications provides both business development and marketing campaign management services in accordance with our three E's service-model (Examination, Elaboration and Execution), but what kind of force can maintain the rocket-pace following such a record launch, we call it Energy.

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