OCEAN FLAME COMMUNICATIONS: CCS (Client Communications System)

Revenue Parameters

Phoenix $ 30K
Legend $ 25K
Crown $ 20K
Diamond $ 15K
Knight $ 10K
R1 $ 7,500 (Low Risk)
R2 $ 5K (Higher Risk)
R3 $ 2,500 (Highest Risk)
R4 $ 1K (Community/Catered Event)
R4N 4th Level Risk: New Event (No data collected)
Star (*) Represents number of vendors
Note: These stated $ales parameters are based on the Sponsor/Vendor revenue for the entire event
(E.g. one, two or four day event).

Agency Acronyms

AP Agency Pricing (Group Rate)
AEP Agency Event Profile (Promoter/Event History)
AOG Act of God (Weather affecting attendance)
DL Deadline for Event Registration/Payment or ERI
EPIRA Event Producer’s Informed Revenue Average (based on Organizer’s years of experience)
ERI Event Registration Incentive (10%-20% discount)
NT Negotiation Target (E.g. 5NT:0.5, meaning 5 sponsors/vendors provides a group rate of $500)
OPN Ongoing Price Negotiation (E.g. OPN-5NT:0.5)
PERA Post Event Report Analysis (collected from all participating Sponsors, Exhibitors & Vendors)
SVA Certified Sponsor Vendor Agency Certified following four (4) years of sales tracking
TY Tracking Year (E.g. TY2: Knight, meaning the event is in Tracking Year 2 and revenues are over $10K)
Note: Following four (4) years of sales tracking, the average sales numbers will determine the Sponsor Vendor Agency (SVA) Certification of an event. E.g. ‘SVA Cert: Crown’.

Service Markets

MIA Miami
TOR Toronto
ATL Atlanta
TN Tennessee
MTL Montreal
NYC New York City
CA California
SC South Carolina
WG Winnipeg

Registration Fees

0.5 $ 500
2.0 $ 2,000
3.5 $ 3,500
The Ocean Flame Communications’ Client Communications System (CCS) was developed for all our mass communications platforms in order to communicate event sales projections and/or expectations to our Sponsor/Vendor clients.


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