Always thinking of how to make your business better and maintain your strategic competitive advantage, we offer you our Energy program.

OFC Energy is Ocean Flame Communications brand management service for our clients who have engaged Ocean Flame through our service retention program. OFC Energy clients enjoy the meticulous research, cost to benefit evaluation and return on marketing investment investigatory services of Ocean Flame regarding their various branding initiatives. Energy clients can confidently rely upon Ocean Flame to source, create, approve and negotiate sponsorship opportunities as well as to develop lucrative and exposure beneficial sponsorship activation strategies around the proposed events for Ocean Flame Communications' marketing public relations clients retaining our services for brand management.

OFC Energy is our optional business maintenance program, designed for businesses who would like to maintain their market-position through retaining our services. We start by allowing the market to advise our direction, this market-driven information is ascertained through the campaign-evaluation numbers, based on the measurable objectives established in the primary phase of the campaign.

OFC Energy offers clients public relations services in Issues Management which entails our constant awareness of issues which may be business threats of a legal, public relations or competitive nature. These threats may affect your profit-margin through negatively swaying public opinion on you and your company; we assist you in sidestepping these threats through diligent market monitoring, strategic positioning and risk communication. 'Energy' also provides our clients with environment scanning services, leveraging publicity opportunities through news-stories and growing societal trends or concerns. Our environment scanning service offering extends to the prospecting of new markets for possible expansion (market development) as well as the identification of new service or product development opportunities based on emerging market direction and consumer preferences.

'OFC Energy' also provides clients with the legal and human resources solutions as well as consultants to aid partnership, incorporation, franchise and employment ambitions you may have in your efforts to grow as a company. 'Energy' is the fuel of your business which drives you in superseding barriers, 'OFC Energy' means "living the dream" through imagination, passion and calculated perseverance.

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