Flyer distribution at local businesses, gathering points and door-to-door (residential) at 00.60 cents per flyer covering flyer design, print and distribution costs (00.30 cents per-flyer for distribution only).
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Dual sided flyers with a perforated base for coupons, providing a numerical metric for ROI, comparing coupon redemption with flyer expenditure to calculate the marketing campaign’s success. The client’s promotional messaging/branding will be placed on one side of the flyer and the promotional artwork of one or two local club/lounge events or small festivals (5K attendees) on the other side. By co-promoting this event/festival the client will gain a 30% discount on advertising and activation fees associated with being a sponsor of the local event/festival.


As a sponsor of the local event/festival the client will gain a Tier 1 Package with a promotional table to distribute product samples, merchandise and promotional flyers for $2,200.00 ($1,600.00 with 30% discount).
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The pocket sized Connect Card and the complementing website and social media platforms provide advertisers with the opportunity to connect with party goers at $600 for a full page ad or website top of page banner, $300 for a half page ad or website tower ad, enhanced by the opportunity to leverage the Connect Card program’s geo-demographic and psychographic specific database at $2,500 for a three (3) week campaign for clients to distribute tailored e-mail and social media messaging.


The Connect Card is an eight (8) paged foldable promotional booklet/newsletter providing festival and club event patrons with flyer artwork for all the major events for the next season along with snapshot editorial on upcoming events, music, performers, movies and businesses.
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Leveraging the concepts and touch-points of Integrated Marketing Communications (360° Marketing), the Corporate Communications phase will begin with the training of staff members on the organizational selling proposition (brand-spirit) which should be conveyed to customers through the company's approach to customer-service. This staff-empowering workshop will build the confidence needed for your employees to best represent the brand on a daily basis in the eyes of customers, critics and competitors. This inspired confidence will be portrayed in your public relations endeavours (trade shows, event marketing, promotions, product sampling etc.), giving credence to your print, radio and online advertising. Ocean Flame Communications provides both business development and marketing campaign management services in accordance with our three E's service-model (Examination, Elaboration and Execution), but what kind of force can maintain the rocket-pace following such a record launch, we call it Energy.


Advertising screens and/or advertising content being placed in ethnic supermarkets and restaurants as well as mainstream commercial buildings, supermarkets and restaurants will display Graphic/Animated Ads and 15 sec. video spots at $20 per-screen/week and 30 sec. video spots at $30 per-screen/week spots for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprise (SME) clients and partners.
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‘Client Partners’ who host our screens gain a 20% discount (per screen) on their advertising on our screens across the Greater Toronto Area and a 10% discount in national marketplaces.


Graphic Ads are priced at $100 per club event, Animated Graphic Ads at $150 per club event, 30 sec. video ads for $200 per club event and 60 sec. ads for $300 per club event. *Club and Indoor events have an attendance base below 20,000 people.
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Graphic Ads are sold at $350 per day for major events, Animated Ads are sold at $500 per major event, 30 sec. video spots are sold at $750 per major event and 60 sec. video spots are sold at $900 per major event. Ocean Flame Communications will also provide prize giveaway, product sampling and raffle services to complement the advertising opportunity for $1,500 per-day for club events or small festivals (5K attendees) and $2,500.00 per-day for major festivals (incl. Festival entry fee).

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