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Starchitects Management is an entertainment marketing management firm providing marketing,  booking and image management services for our performing and speaking clients. Starchitects is a Torontonian agent for both Canadian and American inspirational speakers, performing artists, multi-genre bands, dancers, specialty performers and experienced videography companies to capture the moments of your event for reporting, record keeping and marketing purposes. Kindly select a speaker or performer from the list below for your upcoming event. We look forward to speaking with you about your event entertainment needs.   

Formidable producer G.A. Perry and the rising talents of his independent record label Ray Hill Entertainment will be entertaining fans with a musical showcase on Saturday March 27th, 2010 at the Koolhaus in Toronto.


The showcase which will be backed by both a live band and Ray Hill's infamous DJ Rick "The Rick" Butter is slated to commence at 7pm with the ticket booth being opened at 4:30pm. The two hour high schoolthemed showcase dubbed "Kooley Hill" borrowed from the 1975 film classic 'Cooley High' will showcase the labels newest talents. The show is a triple threat in the eyes of label brass as it is an opportunity for the rising stars to connect with their growing fanbase, to celebrate the release of the indie labels' underground anticipated mixed tape titled "Dare to be Lucky", as well as an investor relations initiative to secure a manufacturing and distribution deal with a major label. The respected young producer has conquered half the journey in gaining the respect of his peers and assembling a solid stable of highly sought after unsigned artists in which to build the reputed musical empire he has always dreamt of, now he faces the greater difficulty of securing the investment to make these talents into superstars.

Priding himself in being a perfectionist instrumentalist and consummate sound fanatic, before being a renaissance producer and debonair rapper, Perry is a competitive musician. Taking up the saxophone at age nine and being professionally trained with a tenor saxophone amongst other wind instruments throughout his teenage years, his first competition was that of mastering his chosen skill. He had identified his tools of trade and now wanted to hewn his craft and be the best he could be; despite the depravity and apparent futility which filled the often times violent area of the Jane Strip of Toronto in which he was raised. The son of two musicians, a dreaming and supportive Father who was math teacher by day and a jazz bass sensation by dusk, the same went for his Mother who was a music teacher by trade and jazz singer by talent.

Leaving their native of St. Lucia to pursue opportunities in Canada, music was still a focal point in their household as they merged their liking for Harry Belafonte with that of Celine Dion, Lionel Ritchie and Kenny G. These were Perry's childhood icons; they were also his competitors in his own mind.

Starting by learning the tenor sax in elementary school, then he taught himself the keyboard and soon thereafter sound engineering Perry is proud of his intuition, yet he always remains humbled educational foundation given to him by his supportive parents and encouraging teachers. Perry's ferocious sense of competition which also stretches into his appetite for basketball, table tennis and poker are the elements which earned him the nickname Gamble amongst high school friends. This name was thereafter shortened to G.A. in reference to his "gamblers anonymous" martini silken lifestyle reminiscent of his childhood motion picture hero English spy James Bond. The suffix name was inspired by his debonair and philosophical Grandfather whose surname was Perry.

During his years as a Business major at the University of York, Perry envisioned himself being a tiger in the music business, one standing at the top of the hill beyond the reach of competitors, a dapper bastion of a new sonic era on the proverbial hill of success, so high on the hill that he could feel the sun's rays on his chest, hence the birth of the 'Ray Hill'.

Competing with the industry's best in perfecting his art, challenging himself to achieve what many perceived to be the impossible has been Perry's driving force since his days as a teenager. A teenager haunted by what he calls "the gift and the curse", a gift which would force him to raise his ambitions beyond his circumstance, a curse which would place him in financially compromising situations at times; yet he strives in herculean strides for what he calls music with a purpose. Rolling the dice on what he believes to be his calling to be one of the greatest musicians, gambling the steady life of a corporation's paycheck for the glory of sharing with the world his rhythm and passion; and being bold enough to pursue a greatness only achieved by who most define as the lucky. Frank Sinatra said luck is a lady to the patient and kind, to which this community activist and smooth speaker responds with "let's waltz". Born a tiger within the Chinese horoscope, it is only empowering that 2010 is the year of the tiger amongst a people who attribute all fortune to luck. To which Perry believes that following years of preparation, it is his season. All challenges considered between stability, family, finances and fatherhood this inexplicable smoldering drive to an almost certain destiny is what makes G.A. Perry dare to be lucky.


The revered and recognized Windsor Ontario 'Battle of the Bands 2010' champions Nuclear Sunrise have incorporated a female member into their all male six member rock band and rebranded themselves as 'Savage Life'.

Upon adding the vocally phenomenal siren Kelsey Deland to their group as their primary lead singer [accompanying previous lead singer Andrew Iles], they have embarked upon the Ontario-wide "Beyond the life" marketing public relations campaign to increase awareness about their band throughout the province. The six month campaign which entails television, radio, print and online interviews and performances will showcase Savage Life's image and sonic prowess to their growing fan-base. Following the creation and social media posting of their video-biography, Savage Life continues to post their multi-media performances, interviews, event marketing and record industry endeavors and advances on their social media video and blog portals including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Their fans are invited to witness their hard work, their sacrifices, internal discrepancies, public tribulations and career milestones in their courageous quest to live their dream, a life beyond that of the mundane artist.

This quest which appeals to Savage Life's Ontario residing age 18-34 achievers/strivers (VALS demopsychographic) will be launched in Windsor Ontario (March 2011) with local performances to be followed by media relations, public relations, record promotional and event marketing initiatives showcasing their talent and performance skills in Toronto (June 2011). The 'beyond the life' campaign will briefly be merged with Producer/Rapper G.A. Perry's "Play G.A." Torontonian campaign in an attempt to cross-promote by utilizing each other's fan-base for a few rap/rock hybrid songs with G.A. Perry and other recognized Torontonian urban music artists and producers. Subsequent to increasing their buzz through these strategic marketing collaborations, Savage Life will thereafter embark upon a North American record promotional, public relations and event marketing tour tentatively titled "Dare to be Lucky". This corporate/government sponsored campaign taking them to proven rock music loving provinces and states as well as territories selected based on Savage Life's geo-demographic specific social media following sourced through Google Analytics research indicating the high volume geographic locations of their growing fan-base. The six month North American tour will be followed by a three month European tour which will directly precede Savage Life's recording of their first album upon their return from Europe.

The presently untitled first album which will be recorded in Winter 2012 will be sent to record labels across the country and in the United States of America in search of the best record label deal for these talented young artists which have performed internationally and are receiving online buzz from their global fan-base and frequent radio air-play on both rock and urban music radio in Canada, the United States as well as Europe. Following the signing of the label contract and the recording of their debut album subsequent to their online releases and collaborative features, the Savage Life album is expected to be in stores in September 2012 amidst the major label push for the album which should commence in May of 2012 to be synchronized with the premiere of a Much Music reality television series titled "Beyond the life". This weekly thirty minute feature will showcase their origins, tribulations, testimonials as well as unfolding local and previously captured international video footage showcasing their rise to fame and entertainment industry success.

The North American and European campaign will not only establish Savage Life's local and international fanbase giving them incredible negotiating power when deciding on the best major record label deal, it will also increase their confidence in knowing that there is a rapidly growing customer base anticipating their album, a fan-base which will easily assist them in getting their debut album to number one within its first week of release.

The beat battle gladiator, a rhythmic maverick and keen musician, such are some of the terms used to describe the evolving production skills of the sonic dynamo Neko.

The Rock and Hip-pop Producer which burst onto the Toronto music scene in 2010 as half of the hip-hop production duo '808 Gang', left beat battle audiences stunned by his soul piercing drums and ear-searing chords. Neko has since moved on to form his own band called the '88 Renegades', which provides him with the Pop and Rock music appeal he was striving for within his production repertoire. As the production protégé of two-time Grammy Award winning music producer Matthew "Boi 1da" Samuels and Juno Award winning music producer Noah "40" Shebib, Neko holds the most highly anticipated multi-genre music production repertoire in Toronto. Like his mentors' meteoric rise in 2009 with the success of their artists Aubrey "Drake" Graham, much is expected from the 19 year-old phenomenon and his rhythmic contributions to the burgeoning careers of his chosen Toronto artists Luu Breeze, P.Reign and Reema Major.

Neko began his journey in music at age 15 when he was introduced to the 'Reason' music software by his friend during his high school days in Atlanta, USA. Neko was instantly smitten, he would experiment with different sounds and musical arrangements on a daily basis, beginning his path to perfecting his chosen craft. Upon his return to Scarborough, Ontario three years later, the first generation Jamaican-Canadian producer decided to enrol in Toronto's most sought after music industry training ground known as the 'Remix Project', due to the encouragement of his friends who were amazed by his skills. It was upon being granted entry into the program that Neko developed a working relationship with Noah "40" Shebib, who took him under his wing as a promising upcoming producer. Shebib, in the Spring of 2009, was heavily engaged in his artist Drake's career which was about to emerge on the global arena. It was at this point that Neko requested the mentorship of Matthew "Boi 1da" Samuels to replace Shebib upon his imminent departure from the Remix Project. Under Boi 1da's tutelage, Neko acquired the skills, technique and approach necessary to create the incredible rhythms he calls "raw sonic energy". Since his 'hood to hands up' days as half of the '808 Gang' production duo, Neko and his band of musicians called the '88 Renegades' have developed a new sound called 'urban pop'. This is the musical fusion of urban music and pop music which is the marriage of Neko's two favourite genres. Following his arduous quest to persuade an urban music artist to release a track on his new beat format, Neko found fortune in Juno Award winners Karl Wolf and Belly who were willing to give his new sound a chance. Both Belly and Karl Wolf's urban pop efforts will be heard by the public in their autumn 2011 album releases.

Following gaining the trust of Belly, Karl Wolf, Reema Major and Luu Breeze to try his music with their individual styles, Neko looks south of the border for further recognition in the American market. This odyssey has commenced with the assistance of his award winning mentors who have gained the approval of Drake to have Neko work on his upcoming mixed tape which will directly precede his sophomore album. Unlike his mentors who are video game fanatics Neko enjoys empowering books and biographies, girls and movies as his hobbies. He sincerely believes the road to fortune begins and ends with goodwill, which is why he donates much of his free time and talent to charitable and mentorship initiatives. Neko believes that the 88 Renegade's band of super producers' brand is founded in passion, perseverance and creativity, which is something they would like to use to empower their fans and develop an expectation of quality with every project they dedicate their Midas talent to. Neko's concept of 88 Renegades is founded in a national legion of teenagers rebelling against social and financial constraints in striving for their dreams despite the societal odds; this theme of perseverance supports Neko's street kids initiative, in motivating youth from the inner city as well as those living on the street. Like the teens they motivate, Neko sees no limit to the 88 Renegade's success in 2011 and beyond, continuing to defy the odds and engineer their own destiny, like the Neko & 88 Renegades apparel and upcoming vehicle amenities brand's slogan, Neko is truly a 'Rebel by Make'.

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