The President and Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Flame Communications

Constantine Batchelor - began his career in artist management at twelve (12) years of age in Kingston, Jamaica. He raised funds for his artist management business through the saving of his lunch money and performing a variety of community based services, the young manager promoted the careers of his teenaged artists Dos Hype and Tami Chyn to gain radio presence and concert exposure within the rough, ruthless and sometimes violent Jamaican music industry. Following his years of experience in the school of hard knocks, Constantine sought professional molding through his three consecutive years of Jamaican work experience under the tutelage Delle Crooks (Film and Music Commissioner of Jamaica, JAMPRO) who he was personal assistant to, before being referred to Kingsley Cooper (President, Pulse Modeling Agency) to whom he was Promotions Manager for Caribbean Fashion Week 2002, thereafter he was referred to his long pursued position of being marketing assistant to Ms. Jade Lee (President, Jamaica Artist Development Agency) who was the Jamaican super-agent behind the global success of reggae music superstar Sean Paul. Following his work on the international launch of Sean Paul's global career, Constantine became the Promotions Manager for the then fledgling Jamaican radio station Mega Jamz radio in 2003. In the summer of 2003, following the completion of his Mass Communications degree which he was pursuing whilst working, Constantine realized it was necessary for him to receive a formal education in the business of entertainment in North America if he should truly become the marketing manager to superstars which he intended to be by securing lucrative sponsorship, endorsement and product placement deals for a client-base of event planners, music artists, movie stars and motion picture producers. This was his life-long vision, inevitable journey and ultimate venture.

In Christmas of 2003, Constantine was awarded a CHASE Fund arts scholarship to pursue a diploma in entertainment management at the prestigious Trebas Institute in Toronto, Canada. This was the same institution attended by his Jamaican mentors Jeremy Harding (Sean Paul's Manager) and Rupert Bent (Reggae Band 'Third World' bass guitar player, producer & songwriter). Upon arriving in Toronto, Constantine secured an internship with Universal Music Canada's Head of Urban Music Lifestyle Marketing Mr. Ivan Evidenté whilst he pursued his Diploma at Trebas. Following the completion of his Trebas Diploma, Constantine took the advice of renowned artist manager Chris Smith who explained to him the key skills of the ultimate entertainment marketing manager which are business development insight, value creation, international marketing, branding and salesmanship. Thereafter, Constantine enrolled in Humber College's post-graduate certificate program for a three year succession of preparatory post-graduate certificates in marketing, international business and public relations all whilst serving a two year tenure as Communications Coordinator at the Jamaica National Building Society's Toronto branch to be followed by a one year tenure as a trained and experienced salesman in one of Canada's most aggressive sales forces at CDW Canada followed by an even more intense training ground for sales and negotiating experience as a collections officer at the Bureau of Canada Collections during which he honed his approach technique, negotiating skills and molded him in the precision craft of professional selling all whilst completing licensing in Security & Private Investigation, Smart Serve (Alcohol Handling) and Food Handlers Certification. His summer 2010 departure from The Bureau of Canada Collections was the beginning of his full-time dedication to the building of his own entertainment marketing firm, a firm merging art (symbolized by the Ocean) and Commerce (symbolized by the Flame) which he named Ocean Flame Communications. Ocean Flame provides event marketing services for small and mid-sized enterprises, sponsorship sales services for event planners and agent services for multicultural Executive Chefs, Food Trucks, Food Handlers and ethnic packaged foods under Ocean Flame Communications’ Crimson Food Services Bureau (CFSB) Brand, which was launched in Fall 2016.

Constantine’s initial event clients include the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, National Women’s Show, Jerk Fest, Pickering Rib Fest and Montreal Reggae Fest under Ocean Flame Communications’ OFC Energy brand, which is a Sponsor Vendor Agency (SVA) supporting major Canadian and American festivals and community events in providing Sponsors and Food Vendors. OFC Energy’s significant client base of Ethnic/International Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies, multicultural Restaurants and Food Trucks presented Constantine’s team with the challenge of securing Catering and Distribution contracts. This opportunity gave birth to the development of the Crimson Food Services Bureau (CFSB) in Fall 2016, as a Food Services Agency providing Catering services for corporate, entertainment and social events; the Bureau provides Distribution services for CFSB’s packaged food clients, Food Delivery services for Restaurant and Food Truck clients as well as Catering assignments and seasonal Restaurant employment for Food Handlers. Both OFC Energy and CFSB are supported by Constantine’s Ocean Flame Communications incorporation, which both creates and distributes quarterly Newsletters for each brand’s client base and provides Integrated Marketing Communications planning and execution services for Small & Midsized Enterprises (SME), as well as Ocean Flame Communications’ Entertainment and Food Services clients.

Constantine’s favorite quote “The only thing that can stop you is You” finds expression is his every endeavor from Entertainment Marketing (Event Sponsorship & Movie/Music Endorsements) across the Ontario, Quebec, New York, Georgia and Florida markets which has now been complement by Food Services Management in the Greater Toronto Area and soon….Stay Tuned!

Thank you for your considering Ocean Flame Communications.  
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