• Food Vendor to receive Up to a $1,500.00 Vendor Loan to secure Food vending space at a Major event (over 10,000 attendees) with a 100% Interest Rate on the loan to be paid at the end of the event.
    • Food Vendor will gain $300 in Crimson Food Services beverage and/or condiment products, as a Brand Ambassador of Crimson Food Services. Vendor will only sell Crimson Food Services beverages and offer Crimson Food Services condiments to be used by their patrons, as a part of this exclusivity agreement.
    • Food Vendor will be gifted $9 in Crimson Credit, which is a 3% incentive program provided to Food Services clients who submit Orders exceeding $300 following this event.
    • Food Vendor to have Cashier and Server wearing a branded shirt from the Food Vendor’s preferred beverage brand provided by Crimson Food Services.
    • Must be an Ocean Flame Communications or Crimson Food Services client for more than two (2) years to Qualify for Crimson Financial.


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